Realizing AI in Healthcare: Challenges Appearing in the Wild

Online workshop held in conjunction with CHI 2021 on May 8th and 9th 2021

Position papers

AI in the Family: Care Collaboration in Pediatrics as a Testbed for Challenges Facing AI in Healthcare PDF Video
Sarah Nikkhah, Andrew D. Miller
Algorithmic Patient Matching in Peer Support Systems for Hospital Inpatients PDF Video
Herman Saksono
Challenges for Healthcare AI to Support Aging in Place Together in the UK PDF Video
Ewan Soubutts, Rachel Eardley, Amid Ayobi, Ki Cater, Aisling Ann O'Kane
Computer Vision for Dietary Assessment PDF Video
Chia-Fang Chung, Alejandra Ramos, Pei-Ni Chiang, Chien-Chun Wu, Connie Ann Tan, Weslie Khoo, David Crandall
Considerations for Visualizing Uncertainty in Clinical Machine Learning Models PDF Video
Caitlin F. Harrigan, Gabriela Morgenshtern, Anna Goldenberg, Fanny Chevalier
Decisions are not all equal. Introducing a utility metric based on the case-wise raters’ perceptions DOI Video
Federico Cabitza, Andrea Campagner
Embedding Ethics and Social Science Into Telemedicine Research, Development, and Implementation PDF Video
Svenja Breuer, Maximilian Braun, Konstantin Ritt, Daniel Tigard
Envisioning Data-driven AI Technology in Asthma Care PDF Video
Zhaoyuan Su, Kai Zheng, Yunan Chen
Exploring Non-Use of New Technology in Emergency Departments PDF Video
Thomas Schmidt
Fairness Definitions for Digital Mental Health Applications PDF Video
Seamus Ryan, Gavin Doherty
Human-AI Collaboration “In the Wild”: The Case of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists PDF Video
Kathleen H. Pine, Claus Bossen
Leveraging challenges of an algorithm-based symptom checker on user trust through explainable AI PDF Video
Youjin Hwang, Taewan Kim, Junhan Kim, Joonhwan Lee, Hwajung Hong
Living on the loop – agency, skill and (re)enchantment in DIY Artificial Pancreas System use PDF Video
Bryan Cleal, Henriette Langstrup, Jonathan Garfinkel
Master of Two Worlds: Narrative Intelligence as the Next Step for Mental Health Chatbots PDF Video
Sarah Harmon
Mitigating issues in Healthcare AI projects PDF Video
Hubert Dariusz Zając, Finn Kensing
Motivational Algorithms: Appraising Taxonomies of Trust in a Counselling Chatbot PDF Video
Mathew Iantorno, Olivia Doggett, Camille Intson, Matt Ratto
Navigating the Diabetes Jungle: AI for Daily Self-Management “In the Wild” PDF Video
Pooja M. Desai, Lena Mamykina
NICE: Four Human-Centered AI Principles for Bridging the AI-to-Clinic Translational Gap PDF Video
Julia Gong, Rebecca Currano, David Sirkin, Serena Yeung, F. Christopher Holsinger
On the Way to Improving Experimental Protocols to Evaluate Users’ Trust in AI-Assisted Clinical Decision Making PDF Video
Oleksandra Vereschak, Gilles Bailly, Baptiste Caramiaux
Purpose, Process, Performance: Designing for Appropriate Trust of AI in Healthcare PDF Video
Natalie C. Benda, Carrie Reale, Jessica S. Ancker, Jessica Ribeiro, Colin G. Walsh, Laurie Lovett Novak
Shaping habit formation insights with Shapley values: towards a personalized and explainable AI-system for self-understanding and health behavior change PDF Video
Robert Lewis, Yuanbo Liu, Matthew Groh, Rosalind Picard
Studying human-AI interactions in a trial of AI breast cancer diagnostics in a real-world clinical setting – challenges and possibilities PDF Video
Emma Engström, Fredrik Strand, Pontus Strimling
Trustworthy Conversational Agent Design for African Americans with Chronic Conditions during COVID-19 PDF Video
Junhan Kim, Jana Muhic, Sun Young Park, Lionel P. Robert

Video presentations

Conceptualizing AI through an HCI lens
Challenges from fieldwork and real-world settings
Improving the design and validation of AI systems
Revisiting trust in AI
Learning from real-world deployments
Closing the gap between research and clinical practice