Who Cares? Exploring the Concept of Care Networks for Designing Healthcare Technologies

Workshop held in conjunction with ECSCW 2019 on June 8th in Salzburg, Austria
Co-sponsored by ACM FCA


The following papers have been accepted to the workshop:

Exploring Care Networks with Senior Citizens in Vienna
Isabel Schwaninger and Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Computer Supported Collaboration in Mixed Homecare
Madeleine Renyi, Christophe Kunze, Petra Gaugisch, and Frank Teuteberg

Population-based responsibility: a participatory approach to care pathway efficiency
Karine Lan Hing Ting, Dimitri Voilmy, Abéline Moreau, Antoine Malone, Guillaume Pradalié, Michel Van Rechem, David Laplanche, and Stéphane Sanchez

Unveiling Care Networks around the Use of Robots
Swapna Joshi and Selma Šabanović

Supporting Care Teams with Participatory Governance over Data Sharing
Pei-Yao Hung and Mark S. Ackerman

Networks of Care in Rural Areas
Martin Dickel, David Struzek, Jutta Jung-Henrich, Claudia Müller, Heidi Kaspar, Karin van Holten, and Katharina Pelzelmayer

Cooperation in a complex care network: The case of Cognitive Rehabilitation
Klaudia Çarçani